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Some explanations

Why a laptop ?

Yes, my main machine is a laptop, but it has a few advantages in my opinion : portability, no syncing with an other machine (except backups of course), and most importantly, laptops have an integrated UPS.
I use it mostly connected to a CalDigit thunderbolt dock with an external screen, keyboard, mouse, sound card, speakers and webcam, but this setup allows me to take my main computer everywhere.

Why a Mac ?

Yes, Apple products are expensive, but in my opinion, it has the best of both worlds : a Unix-like system where I can tinker as if I was on a Linux machine, an absolutely great GUI, the benefits of being a "mainstream" OS with a lot of "mainstream" software available, and a marvelous ecosystem that I don't have to think about when I'm using it.
I know I could achieve a lot of the same things with a stock Linux distro, but I don't want to spend time configuring my system, I want to use it, and I want to use it along with my other devices without having to tinker on each and every device to make them work together.